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    Ideas please:

    Using “nomachine-workstation”, on a single machine

    Dive Master watches 4 divers. The video is rendered by gstreamer and is streamed over localhost LAN as well.

    The stream is displayed to 4 watchers (who are remote and watch their desktop with NoMachine). Each watcher logins to the single machine and displays the network stream with gstreamer. The audio is common but Pipewire goes out of the way to ensure only single (the first user) has access to the audio hardware.

    So each watcher sees a video whose audio is mixed with the video.

    I want each watcher to be able to hear their audio. How can I configure NoMachine to do that?

    If I go to the dive master login I hear the audio. He may make diver1 video big. Watcher2 wants to see diver2 big but if he does so, on the dive master login, dive master loses diver1 big and gets diver2 big that watcher2 wants, but hears the audio.

    Rinse and repeat for 4 divers!



    Did you install FF via snap? Make a test of audio in the virtual desktop, with any app not installed by snap, e.g vlc player. Does sound work?

    Install FF this way:

    Then connect to the virtual desktop.


    The old story: How do you put an elephant in a refridgerator. Open the door and put him in. Don’t make complications !

    Likewise just install nomachine-workstation and use normally. I messed about with pipewire before just doing!

    Thank you.


    😀 ok, thanks for updating us. Happy nomachining!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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