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    After fresh install of nomachine 4.3 free version on Linux Opensuse 13.1 ,

    There is still an error during install (refer to : D: TR06J02727 )

    NX> 500 Authentication as user nx using the NX SSH key-pair failed.
    NX> 500 This may be due to the configuration of your SSH server. Please
    NX> 500 ensure that the location and file name of the SSH authorized
    NX> 500 keys is the same in both the SSHD and NX server configuration
    NX> 500 files and that the nx user is listed among the accepted users
    NX> 500 in the SSHD configuration file.
    NX> 161 Enabled service: nxserver.

    server.cfg, and node.cfg does not use the same value for parameter SSHAuthorizedKeys

    After correction all config files (nomachine and ssh) use :
    SSHAuthorizedKeys .ssh/authorized_keys
    But that does not change any thing.

    By the way,
    1°) Which is the public key in /var/NX/nx/.ssh/*.pub is in use for user nx :  or
    2°) Where is the private key of user nx, from which the public key in /var/NX/nx/.ssh/*.pub is compare against.

    SSH is running with no problem.. And every authorized user can log in using ssh.

    Previous 3.5 version was running without problems.

    Any help is welcome.



    The free version of NoMachine doesn’t support SSH connections. You should check point 1.3 of the installation guide:

    TR06J02727 is related to the a very early beta version of NoMachine, which supported the SSH protocol.

    In answer to your questions, when you use a NoMachine product with SSH support then:

    1. In /var/NX/nx/.ssh/known_host is a public key.
    Files: and are only backups.

    2. The privet key of a user nx is in: /usr/NX/share/keys/server.id_dsa.key

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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