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    Hi Guys,

    Have a brand new system. Windows 10 64-bit. Fresh install of the latest NoMachine v5.1.44

    At the end of the installation, NoMachine asked to restart the comp. Comp restarted, logged in as usual and the service is not running at all. When I load up the service console, “Connections” at the top is toggled to “Off”. I can toggle it to “on” but it automatically shuts off on its own. When I click on “Connection Preferences” in the “Services” tab, it shows that startup is set to “Automatic” but “Status” indicates “Stopped”. I can double-click on it which triggers the UAC, which I approve, and I click on the “Start” button, status shows green and “running”. I click on “Done” and it takes me back to the preferences window and it still shows as green and running. (FYI – start automatic services at startup and advertise this computer are both have checkmarks in the boxes and are active). I click on the “Done” button again which takes me back to the original “Status” window and I click on the Connections toggle, it triggers UAC, and it shows as “On” but then it shuts off again.

    When I load up “Services” in MMC, the NoMachine service is set to Automatic and shows that the status is Running.

    Client on the local network running Windows 10 64-bit shows Error 138 Connection Timeout because the service shuts off automatically on the new machine.

    Attached are the log files. Hopefully someone can help make sense of this? I just don’t get why it won’t work.



    Hi shayaknyc,

    Some log files are missing (nxerror.log and nxserver.log).

    Could you follow the instructions to gather logs (here: and send them again to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com, amking sure to use this topic’s subject ?

    We also need the nx processes list. You can gather it with any available tool (task manager, by example).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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