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    I’m confused.  Sorry, but I’ve been away from nomachine for a while and am coming back. Was a long time nomachine 3.5 user and remember that on login (to linux server), the desktop would appear.  Now, with nomachine 8.5.3, when I supply nomachine client (nxplayer) with my username and password, it opens to the linux GDM login banner.  I can log in “again” and get to the desktop.  On log-out, the window doesn’t fully close.   Seems like it “hangs”.

    Log-ing in and then seeing GDM is different from what I remember, but perhaps this is the new design.  My servers run RHEL 7.9, Rocky Linux 9.2, and Linux Mint 21.1, and clients are both Linux (RHEL, Mint) and Windows.  All have the same behavior of presenting me with GDM (or LightDM) before proceeding to the desktop.

    Is this normal?



    Hi, NoMachine Free Edition is for access to the physical desktop of the remote machine. If, in the past, you used NX Free Edition, which offered what we now call connections “NoMachine virtual desktops”, you probably need NoMachine Workstation. The virtual Linux desktop functionality is a feature of the NoMachine Terminal Server Family.

    You can read more about these products on our website at the following links:

    NoMachine Free Edition –

    NoMachine Workstation –

    Differences between NoMachine Free Edition for Linux and NoMachine Workstation for Linux

    What is the difference between physical desktop connection and virtual desktop connection?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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