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    I am using the unregistered (free) version NoMachine (7.7.4) on Windows 10.  I understand that the default setting is to your Windows account password to log in.  I have a situation where the computer user does not have a password (Older Parents) and they do not wish to set one.

    I have attempted to use NoMachine DBs for Managing User Access by doing the following:

    Edited / Unremarked the lines in server.cfg:

    EnableUserDB 1
    EnablePasswordDB 1


    nxserver --restart

    Added a existing windows user “Scott” (without password) to the NX User Database:

    nxserver --useradd Scott

    Added a password to windows user “scott” in the NX User Database:

    nxserver --passwd Scott

    Restarted, again:

    nxserver --restart

    Listed users:

    nxserver --userlist
    NX> 149 NX users list
    Username NX administrator Redirected to Trusted physical for Trusted virtual for Screen sharing Access  Forwarded to
    -------- ---------------- ------------- -------------------- ------------------- -------------- ------- ------------
    Scott                                                                            enabled        enabled

    I attempted to log in, but it is not working.  I get: authentication failed, please try again.

    Is what I am trying not possible on the free version? Is it possible to use a preshared key or something like that?

    Thanks all for the help!



    Thanks for reporting this. We have reproduced it and inserted a Trouble Report which you can monitor here:


    Thank you for confirming it is a bug.

    I see it is scheduled to be fixed in 8.0.x: Due to be solved in: 8.0.x

    Do we know a time frame for this release? Is there any known work around?

    Is it possible to generate a ssh key? I think NX is the only available login method for the unlicensed free version, correct?


    You can use SSH keys to authenticate using the NX protocol. More information you can find here: AR02L00785 – How to set up key based authentication with NX protocol.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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