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    NX 4.2.22_1


    Windows 7 laptop with USB headset running NX client

    -> VPN ->

    Fedora 20 workstation with USB headset running NX server (using pulseaudio)

    -> KVM ->

    Windows 7 KVM guest running Lync

    If logged directly at the workstation (FC20) I can use Lync (that runs within KVM) with the USB headset (on the ws) normally. (I’d exclude this as a problem).

    I wanted to be able to redirect the audio (mic, headphones) via NX from the Windows 7 laptop. What happened is that I was able to hear Lync, but I could not get the microphone working. After some experimenting I noticed that NX was picking up the microphone that is attached to the workstation (FC20) and not the one that was connected to the laptop. I tried to chose different devices in the nx configuration and also tried to change the devices in pavucontrol – with no luck.

    Any ideas?

    I also disabled “use UDP communication for multimedia data” with no luck.



    @samo_dadela, after NX session starts, PulseAudio default source is changed to ‘nx_voice_out.monitor’. You can try to change or update KVM options to choose a proper PulseAudio source.


    Using pavucontrol, I can see:

    Playback: NoMachine: NoMachine on [Null Output] *

    Recording: NoMachine: NoMachine from [Monitor of Plantronic USB Analog Stereo]

    Output Devices: – Plantronics .Audio USB Analog Stereo

    – Built-in Audio Analog Stereo

    – NullĀ  Output *

    Input devices:

    – Plantronics .Audio USB Analog Stereo

    – Built-in Audio Analog Stereo

    * – the VUmeter show activity when speaking into the headphone mic on the laptop


    So it seems the laptop mic is redirected to the server… I just don’t know how to connect it to KVM. Also I though this would be somehow automatic – I can’t reconfigure KVM each time I change seat. Is there a way to create some fake recording device that would once be connected to my laptop’s mic and at other times locally?





    I don’t think I understand what you want to do. Do you want to redirect the headphones to the NoMachine server or KVM? If NoMachine is not redirecting to its own server, this would be a bug.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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