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    Hello 🙂

    I installed NoMachine on windows 8.1 and Debian 9.0, both on 64bit.

    It work well on LAN but i have problem to let work on WAN.

    I have dynamic public IP.

    i try to connect from debian to windows and also from windows to debian:

    log file:

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    log file:


    Is there need to do port forwarding ? don’t do it automatically ?

    On my router i activate also the UPnp service.

    What are the port to open ? i don’t understand…

    This is a screenshot of my service state:

    nx:\\ …. 24044

    while there there is this other port (la 24048):

    I don’t understand what ports i have to open 🙁

    If i made double click here (where there is write nx ; 4000 ; 24048 ; automatico ; in esecuzione): i have this other windows:

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    There is written: “se imposti la porta del gateway, il router effettuerà il forwarding della porta esterna verso il servizio” ….translate: “if you setup the gateway door, router will forwarding the external port to service.

    Please help 🙂


    If you changed network interface you need to restart upnp mapping. To do that you can run CMD as administrator – navigate to bin folder in NoMachine directory (in default it should be in %ProgramFiles(x86)\NoMachine\bin) and execute commands:

    nxserver --upnpunmap
    nxserver --upnpmap

    You can also just restart nxserver from GUI (click on NoMachine icon on the Windows tray -> choose “Show the server status” -> and press “Restart the server” button).


    I fixed, I configured in this way without port forwarding :

    I have activated the gateway port, I’m testing it on my 3 PC with Debian 9.0 ; Win8.1 e 10 x64


    i have a few questions.

    How i can do:

    1)when computer is connected to different wifi ?

    2)if i have a dynamic public IP ?


    What you need is NoMachine Network (Anywhere) which hasn’t been released yet. Please sign up to the Feature Request to know when it has been implemented,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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