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    Hallo every one!!

    I basically want to remotely gain access to my PC’s desktop (Windows 10) and files through the internet via another PC or Android device.

    Could some one please help me on how to setup NoMachine for remote desktop access and file sharing from both another PC and/or android device over the Internet?

    I thought it was straight forward…but I’m getting nowhere with this.
    The step by step manual on the site and other youtube video, is based on older versions of NoMachine.
    I thought is was as simple as Installing NoMachine on PC’s/devices you want to use, make a setup for the computer u want to access based on its IP address, then access it through NoMachine on other devices…so far no luck.
    I need some help with this.

    Google Chrome’s remote desktop service works and also [removed]’s option.
    But I would like to do this with NoMachine instead (Don’t really trust [removed]s or [removed] service.

    Again..please help and thanx!


    All tutorial material on our website is up-to-date.  So please follow the instructions that we provide here if you haven’t already done so to install the program on the computer you want to access.

    Also check out the Tips in that link that are available.

    To install the app on Android, please go to the Play store and download our app from there. We also have a tutorial for that:


    Let us know how you get on 🙂





    Yes, I did follow those instructions.

    No luck so far.

    What i’m trying to do is acces my PC through my android Phone/Tablet.
    This is possible right?


    Yes, it is possible.

    No luck so far.

    Do you mean you are not able to install? Do you mean you are not able to connect because of an error message? If so, please attach here a screenshot of the error message you are receiving.


    The message I get is “Ooops!..Could not connect to the server. Error is 111: Connection refused.
    but maybe my problem is with the “Authentication”.

    Honestly I don’t know what user name and password I have to enter here. Is it referring to my router’s user name and pass?
    My Desktop doesn’t have a password to enter.

    Let me explain in short what I did:

    I want to access my PC through my Android phone…
    1. Install and run NoMachine on my PC. Leave it on the screen where it shows the IP address
    2. Install/Run on Android device
    3. Create a new connection.
    Protocol: NX
    Host: Here I typed in the IP adress showing on my PC’s NoMachine welcome panel. (tried with both IP adrasses)
    Port: 4000 (by default, so I didn’t change it)

    Info: I noticed that in the manual, in the NoMachine’s welcome screen
    the 2nd IP address also contains port number after the “:” ( – “xxx82” being the port number)
    on my PC’s NoMachine’s welcome screen, the 2nd IP address doesn’t end with “:”
    Could this maybe be a cause for the issue??

    Authentication: I leave it on Password (but i also wouldn’t know to what password their referencing here
    Proxy: I leave as it is (but also tried “Use a HTTP Proxy….”).
    Save As: I just left the name as is

    Now on my android phone I’m Back in the main screen seeing the connection I just made.
    The manual says to type in the IP address in the search bar here.
    When I do this nothing appears.
    I then try to connect via the connection showing on the main screen (which i just made)
    Here i get asked for: Authentication, a User name and Password…again I wouldn’t know what Username or password this is referring to.
    So here I’ve tried 2 things. 1: Entering nothing and try to connect. 2: Entering username and password of my router

    So far I’ve had no luck.

    I hope I described detailed enough what I did to make a connection so maybe U could point out the mistakes I’m making



    Honestly I don’t know what user name and password I have to enter here. Is it referring to my router’s user name and pass?
    My Desktop doesn’t have a password to enter.

    NoMachine requires your computer’s account credentials. If you don’t use a username and password to normally access your computer, like when you switch it on, you will have to create one. You cannot use NoMachine to connect without your computer’s account credentials (see image extract from the tutorial which is below). This is a security requirement, otherwise everyone would get access to your computer if they were to find your computer on the network.

    Are you connecting on a LAN (like at home where you have both your computer and your mobile device on the same network) that way you can make a simple test. I assume you are.

    On your computer that you want to connect to, does the welcome screen show you two IP addresses? One is for access on the LAN you are on (home maybe?) , one is for access over the internet.  Let’s not worry about ports (the number after the : ) for now. But first of you all you need to create yourself an account on that computer.

    You seem to have gotten to the last phase in the image which therefore means that the app is able to find your computer and you are using the correct IP address. What’s missing is the account credentials.


    Local connection is working!!

    I made a User account as. and now local access is working.
    I used the 1st IP address shown in the welcome page.

    Now for the 2nd and final step. How to connect via the internet, which is my main interest.
    I tried using the 2nd IP address shown in the welcome page, but it failed.
    I get the “Ooops! Could not connect to the server. Error is 110: Connection timed out” dialogue.

    What should be my next steps?


    You will need to set up port forwarding on your router if you find that access over the internet is not successful.

    How to connect to NoMachine when the server is behind a NAT router or a firewall

    You will need to check with your router’s manual on how to do that.

    You will be interested to know that our upcoming feature NoMachine Network will mean that knowing the IP address of the remote computer and port forwarding will not be necessary. You can read more about this here:

    Creating the NoMachine Network service to let people connect to each other’s computers



    Interesting update…

    I will let you know tomorrow if got it working.

    Is there also a section where I can post requests?
    1 request I have would be to have a list view  (like [removed]) when down loading content from the server instead of the windows UI, it kind of finicky.

    Thanx for the support


    Hi Britgirl,

    I posted a topic in the mobile section concerning accessing devices behind a mobile network service (post-29107). In the feature request (FR07J02731) there is an indicated target of 6, which I assumed referred to the release version but I think version 6 has already been released?

    Are you able to indicate when the NoMachine Network Service is likely to be launched?




    The release of this FR will be moved to version 7 at least, and the FR will also be updated to show this.

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