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    Using the free version NoMachine Server on a remote headless server and occuring a lot of cpu usage when scrolling with firefox-esr.

    It creates its own virtual frame buffer on xfce so I think it’s the virtual display.

    headless server:  debian buster 10.2, xfce4.12

    The client local: windows 10

    Resolution 1280×1024, quality is on medium. Using H.264 software encoder

    The CPU usage on the client is good but the headless server is over 130% (nxcodec.bin) and nxnode (90%). I can decrease a bit by disabling multi-pass display encoding. Tried to reinstall both but without any good result. When i am connected to NoMachine on being idle: it’s fine.







    Here some files

    I have to say the processus Web Content take between 70-100% cpu, no extension enabled.

    And I am not using the virtual display but the default option: physical display




    Here some feedback:

    The server was ATOM 2 cores 2 threads.

    I had to edit on server side node.cfg to test each modes: (h264, vp8,  mjpeg) then i uncommented EnableDisplayServerVideoCodec 0, DisplayServerThreads auto, DisplayEncoderThreads auto.

    Lowering the resolution on NoMachine help a lot if you stay on h264.

    In my configuration, vp8 encoder is lighter and hold up fairly well, you don’t see the processes nxcodec.bin .

    I tested on a better processor and no issue at all, so yes h264 encoding need a lot of cpu usage.

    And about firefox-esr, it still ask a lot of cpu when scrolling but it s not about nomachine.



    You don’t see nxcodec.bin when using vp8 because the encoding, in that case, is done by the nxnode process. Generally speaking, encoding, if done in software, is a heavy operation, and I don’t see anything abnormal in your description.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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