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    I have a server that recently re-installed. The server is running Windows 2019 and the client is running Windows 10. When connecting to the server, the client kept saying “Error: Host key verification failed”.

    NoMachine version for both: 7.7.4

    Connection protocol: NX

    Authentication Type: Key


    Question is, how do I update known host file for NoMachine client? I have already deleted “known_host” file in the “.ssh” folder under my user directory on client machine.

    After hours of research I only found a solution to reinstall client NoMachine (See:, but it does not make sense if a server key changed the client have to re-install every time. Is there an alternative way to update server public on the client?



    One thing, just to start: the article you linked is a very special case. In fact it was a problem of a Windows update, not a problem with the update of the Player.

    We thought it could be something strange made by the new Windows and, apparently, the NoMachine reinstall, copying and checking again its files, worked.

    In your case there should definitely not be any need to reinstall NoMachine.

    BTW the Player should ask if you want to update the key of the server, but it doesn’t do that. We are trying to understand what it can be, trying to reproduce the problem.


    We were unable to reproduce this issue. If you encounter the problem again, we will need client and server side logs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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