How do I create a user name and password for remote control?

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    I tried the software for the first time.

    I installed the software on my laptop and on my Main PC.

    I tried to Remote controlling my laptop  and then it required to enter credentials (user name and password)


    Which wouldn’t be a problem except I could find on the website or in software the place to create them!!

    seriously what the hell is going on? and how do i solve this mess?

    I am using windows 10 Home edition (on both devices)


    not sure which software version. but its the most recent one available for download





    Hello Fearless,

    You don’t have to create a user, as NoMachine uses a system user that is already created on the server side (System username and password).

    While it is common on Windows not to set a password, one must be set if someone wants to use NoMachine (this is for security limitations).

    You can find more about this subject in the following article :

    We remain at your disposal if you have further questions or issues!


    Thanks for the info.

    sadly without any practical solution it doesn’t help all that much (i “how do i solve this mess?” for a reason)


    put it simply: How do i set a password?


    Hi Fearless,

    I’m sorry if our answer didn’t address your issue; however the password is not related to NoMachine (but to Windows) and so you should refer to your system user guide to know how to set the password.

    See this information from Microsoft: Change or reset your Windows password (

    I hope this will help you 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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