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    I’ve inherited a CentOS machine with NoMachine already installed.  I can see from the .rpm that the install included nxclient, nxnode, nxplayer, and nxserver archives, and there are 13 executables in /usr/NX/bin.  There are no docs installed, however.  The docs on the NoMachine web site are useless.  They say “Open NoMachine from the programs or applications or menu”, but there is nothing in the Applications menu for NoMachine.  Apparently the .rpm does not include menu items to launch NoMachine.

    How do I run NoMachine on CentOS 6.6?  Do I start the client, the server, or something else?




    From what you’ve written I don’t know what version, nor which product has been installed on your computer. I have verified that there are no issues with CentOS 6.x with the latest version of our software: the fact you can’t see anything listed in the Program/Application menu like the attached was a problem on CentOS 5 with earlier NoMachine packages. And you can see the Trouble Report was fixed in 5.0.43:

    Do you confirm that you don’t see what I have attached in the screenshots? You need to check the version of NoMachine that you found installed on this inherited PC. If you can’t see either, tell us what version is installed by running from from an xterm or console the following command: <installationpath>/bin/nxserver  –version, e.g. /usr/NX/bin/nxserver –version.

    As for the documentation, the Enterprise and Terminal Server products ship the documentation for administrators who wish to configure the product with particular settings. The free version doesn’t include documentation which is taken from a selection of the guides, which you can find here incidentally: The product once installed works out of the box and should already be up & running, meaning you can connect to your computer from another PC or device, or you can use it as a client to connect to another computer where NoMachine is installed.

    Any feedback about documentation is welcome as we are always interested in improving it. Perhaps you could submit an email to us about what you think is missing from the installation & configuration documents, and selection of illustrated tutorials.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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