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    I am connecting to my office Mac with my Windows PC. However sometimes it get frequently disconnected by error 104 (connection reset by peer). I work for at least 8-10hrs continuously, and it occurs occasionally and continue to happen several times. Is any solution for this? How much Internet Speed is required to work smoothly (fyi we use photoshop and some other graphic related tools).


    Possibly problem is related to some network issues you are experiencing on servers or client side.

    Please can you tell us if you are using wifi, vpn or some other network configuration like port forwarding?

    to be able to have better understanding of issue can you check latency between client and server using ping command. You can monitor it to see if there are some drop of connection or increase of the latency.
    If you are using wifi, is it possible to check connection using the cable?


    If the problem persists, we would need logs from both client and server sides.Please see the instructions here: Submit both sets to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com making sure you use the title of this topic as the subject of your email.



    I am usingĀ Sonic Wall Global VPNĀ  to access office servers, then we connect to our office Mac’s. Some people at our office is saying at least 40Mbps speed is required. Is that true?


    Bandwidth usage of NoMachine in my tests varies from few kbps to 4 Mbps. Higher bandwidth consumption are possible with 4K resolution.

    Please follow this article to get NoMachine statistics and more details on usage.



    I work in an animation studio. I am working from home with a Win10 os with ryzen5 cpu and 8gb ram. My office system runs on Centos 7 (linux flavour). My internet speed is 40Mbps. Lately I am facing a lot of latency issue with NoMachine and when I contacted my office IT guys they say that i need at least 5MBps download speed to access NoMachine.

    Since my internet speed is 40Mbps, my download speed varies from 3.5 to 4.5 MBps. Could you please advice if this speed is ok for hassle free working?


    Please follow this article to get NoMachine statistics and more details on usage. Attach the statistics to your reply and we can take a look to see what’s happening.

    Advice on bandwidth & optimizations:

    Some guidelines for bandwidth usage and optimizations

    How much bandwidth is required to run NoMachine 4 or later

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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