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    I’m using NoMachine on a pixel 5, and a recent update (6.1.9), not sure how recent as I had not used it in a while, lost all my stored connections. I can create a new connection, but when I try to link it to a private key for authentication, I can’t maneuver to where my private key is located on my phone. Also I connected my phone to my computer to see if I could copy it that way, and when I go to mtp:/Pixel 4a (5G)/Internal shared storage/Android/data/com.nomachine.nxplayer/files/ the folder is empty, but the NoMachine client says there should be a NoMachine folder present.

    Any help is appreciated


    Hi. Check if the following folder exist:

    mtp:/Pixel 4a (5G)/Internal shared storage/NoMachine

    This is normally the directory where we store the connections, the one you see in the file browser is wrong, due to a problem with mount points that will be fixed in a version we’re about to release.

    If you find the connection files, you could work around the mount point issue by editing the NXS file and by setting the key path in the following value:

    <option key=”Private key for NX authentication” value=”<path>” />


    @Tor I have that folder and all my old connections are there, but for some reason when I now start nomachine they are no longer listed


    UGG nevermind, clearing cache and data for the nomachine app fixed the problem.  I should have tried that first before posting.

    Please consider this resolved

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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