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    Windows 8.1, NoMachine 6.12.3 free


    NoMachine seems to be a very good software but I’ve got a strange thing with UI.

    I can’t remove a connection from “Recent connections” window.

    No “remove connection” choice in the menu got with right click on the connection icon.

    The icon has a network T symbol (not Earth planet).

    See screenshot below.








    The T-symbol represents NoMachine-enabled computers on the LAN as documented here:

    If you don’t want a specific computer to be “advertized” on the LAN, you can switch it off on the computer in question. Disabling it on the server means that computer won’t show up in the connections panel.

    Or, if you prefer not to see other users’ computers in the ‘Recent connections’ panel, which are being advertized on the network, you can disable seeing them in the player by ticking the box “Don’t show other computers on the network” in the Privacy panel of the player.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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