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    I just discovered NoMachine since I was looking for an RDP alternative that could also handle usb devices. So far it all works perfectly! The only thing I still couldn’t figure out is how to disconnect, kill or terminate a remote session from the host machine in order to “take back control”? This is already asked in and but it was never properly answered, so I’d like to re-open this in a new topic.

    In my opinion, there should be a keystroke / keyboard shortcut or something similar to easily terminate a connection from the host machine. I will not accept a solution like ssh into the host to terminate the NX server or to reboot the machine.



    Hi, you mention “take back control”. If your question is related to a sharing desktop scenario with another user and you find yourself in the situation that you want to disconnect any user which is connected to your computer, go to !M in the system tray and select to disconnect a specific user or all users. You can read more about this here:

    Additionally, something to consider about NoMachine in desktop sharing scenarios is that by default it gives priority to keyboard and input events from the local user logged-in to the remote computer over input generated by a user connected remotely via NoMachine. This adds a further security level to desktop sharing, so that the input (mouse and keyboard) of the remote user connected by NoMachine will be effective only after the local user doesn’t produce any input for a certain period. When the NoMachine user gains control over keyboard and mouse, the local user can stop him/her at any moment by simply moving the mouse or typing something.

    Does this answer your question?

    About the topics from a while back for Linux set-ups, they are rather outdated now and were closed because the users didn’t get back to us 🙂


    Hi, thanks for the quick reply! Makes sense the old topics where Linux related (I suppose just a terminal without any GUI). And you are correct, in my set-up, from the host (Windows) it is indeed possible to disconnect the way as you’ve described. However this doesn’t work when one has the option enabled to blank the physical screen, as I did (sorry I didn’t provide this info before). In this case it’s even impossible to move the cursor on the host side.

    I should actually rephrase the question slightly: How to disconnect a user from the host machine when the option to blank physical screen is enabled?

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