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    I installed NM on a remote machine via vnc. Now everything starts fine, I can try initiating connection with the remote NM pc. However the remote pc does not have a user password(for inconvenience in this respeect, used by older folks). I realize the issues around non password login. But for now I would like to figure out how to connect to machine first then I can try dealing with the password issue.

    Also is there a way to setup a password that is not related to windows logon user name? How do I setup NM only user and password in that case on Windows?


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    It should be possible to set a different password, used just for NX, with the help of password db. Unfortunately there’s a bug on Windows and we are currently fixing it. So watch out for the fix in the next update.

    With the products that support SSH, you can use passwordless authentication with the help of SSH private keys. SSH support is only available in NoMachine for the Enterprise products right now.

    For the free version of NoMachine, which authenticates using the NX service, passwordless authentication will be available very soon.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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