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    Hello, I used to set the 4th of my 4 servers as LDAP server. Is something like this possible?

    Server 1 NoMachine installed – RHEL 7.9
    Server 2 NoMachine Installed   RHEL 7.9
    Server 3 NoMachine Installed  RHEL 7.9
    Server 4 NoMachine Installed – RHEL 7.9  Also Ldap Server

    User X wants to connect to Server 1 with NoMachine. NoMachine will authorize user X via Ldap on Server 4 and connect to Server 1.

    There is no problem with SSH in connection with LDAP. However, for users who want to work with graphical interface, how can I connect to any of the 4 servers with LDAP with NoMachine?

    Thank you.


    Hi, NoMachine works out of the box with LDAP provided you have LDAP set up correctly. All of the Enterprise installation and configuration guides offer some tips for LDAP (and other) admins.

    There is an article in our Knowledge Base for troublshooting any issues that might crop up.

    Troubleshooting LDAP and PAM issues on Linux for connections by NX protocol

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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