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    I have just set up NoMachine Enterprise Desktop evaluation on the Proxmox server. Now more then one person are able to share a screen to discuss what  they see. I have tested [other solutions, removed], all works but NoMachine seems to have the best performance.

    I was very glad I have seen the possibility to access via the web as I thought I can help to setup our customer setting on our webpage without needing him to install anything. We would just both see the same thing so I could help him to do it himself. But I can not tell to my customer my user name and password. Is it possible to turn off the authentication as it is when using xpra?  I just want to provide a temporary link without any options or the need to enter user name and password. Is this possible at all? If not very simple default user name and password would be fine. But do not want him to create new virtual session, only to join me if allow it.

    If it is not possible I could use xpra for this, or create a live broadcast using html5 and vlc or OBS Studio, just using simple html5 tag. I guesses the overall performance could be much worse, and there would be noway clicking and writing for the customer possible.



    Screen-sharing on the fly with no need for the guest to insert username and password (access will be based on your invite and your approval) will be possible when we release NoMachine Network

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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