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    Hello. I recently started trying NoMachine on my Macbook Air.

    But I’m having a trouble with shutting down the target PC (PC I am connected to, not my Mac) completely.

    Whenever I shut down the target PC and then I close NoMachine program on my Mac, the target PC keeps starting up on its own.

    (I found it out by testing the connection with my Mac in front of the target PC)


    I tried using my phone’s data for my Mac when I was connecting to the target PC.

    Still can’t shutdown the PC without an automatic start up.


    Can someone help ??


    Hello sakedong,

    In order to investigate your problem, can you first tell us what OS and version is installed on the target PC and if you reboot or shutdown the PC ?

    Windows 10 has a known issue of not shutting down properly (see a workaround proposed on that website Does your problem occur as well when you are not connected with NoMachine to the PC, or not ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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