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    On a Linux server, a user has the blank screen enabled so that the local screen blanks during NoMachine connections.  If they accidentally leave a virtual session active from home and want to access the physical server locally, how can they deactivate the screen blanking from the command line?  The user does not have permissions to restart nxserver.


    Hi, “virtual session active” you probably mean the physical desktop session given that your question is about screen blanking.

    A user must be “sudo” in order to disconnect another user By disconnecting that user, the screen will unblank.

    From a terminal, run sudo nxserver --disconnect [sessionID/username/display]


    I recently needed to get into a locked computer when the wifi died.

    It would have been nice to have the screen locked but have it ask for the password to unlock the console.


    If I understand correctly, what you need to do is set the “lock the physical screen on disconnect”. This is useful in conjunction with screen-blanking.

    When the screen blanking feature is activated, the remote screen is blanked, and the remote keyboard and mouse are locked whilst the user is connected by NoMachine. I.e. operations made on the physical screen by the NoMachine user are not shown and the local user cannot interact with the desktop until the NoMachine user logs-out.

    As soon as the session is disconnected, the remote screen is unblanked, mouse and keyboard are released. To avoid this, it’s possible to activate the automatic lock of the screen, even if the user didn’t lock the screen before disconnecting by NoMachine.

    See here more details:


    How to enable screen blanking and the automatic lock of the screen

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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