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    I read lots of guides here, but I still can’t figure out how to use this, as my need, I’m trying to evaluate this product for my company for Work From Home.

    As this scenario, I’d like to enable the employee connect to the computer in the office that behind a NAT, is this possible? As my understanding, the NoMachine Cloud Server comes to play a role like gateway between the computer at home and in office.

    Am I right?


    Hi bleedingcode,

    The NoMachine Cloud Server does indeed function as a gateway to multiple NoMachine servers (not the free version) which are sitting behind it.

    Perhaps you can take a look at the following articles (if you have not done so already):
    How to connect over the internet to NoMachine behind a NAT router
    How to choose the most appropriate Cloud Server setup and configure it to allow access to NoMachine Servers (section 2.2)

    Some additional articles that might be useful as well:
    Setting up highly available centralized access to remote physical desktops
    NoMachine Cloud Server – Installation and Configuration Guide
    What NoMachine server products can I use with Cloud Server?

    Have you checked these?


    Plus, is there anyone who can tell me where to look up my NoMachine version?? Enterprise Desktop, or free etc..


    Thanks for the reply.

    The articles are really helpful, after reading these, NoMachine still doesn’t work as I expected.

    Here’s my situation:

    1. have 3 machine : (NoMachine Cloud Server install), (Winserver 2019,NoMachine Enterprise Desktop evaluation version installed) and (my client Win10),

    PS: these 3 computers can ping each other successfully (firewall disabled all of them), so the connection is not a problem.

    2. add server (Enterprise Desktop) to Cloud Server by GUI or CMD, but all fails, CMD runs on Cloud Server (, and the error shows as bellow:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\NoMachine\bin>nxserver –serveradd –lable “ed1 serveice2”

    NX> 830 Connected to NoMachine remote server.

    NX> 763 Could not authenticate on the remote server using server’s public key.

    NX> 763 Would you like to login on the remote server as a privileged user to add

    NX> 763 this key and try again? [yes|no]: yes

    NX> 830 Connected to NoMachine remote server.

    NX> 765 Username: administrator

    NX> 766 Password:

    NX> 508 ERROR: Cannot add remote server ‘’. Cannot connect to the remote server.

    The error msg “Cannot add remote server ‘’. Cannot connect to the remote server.” shows on GUI also when I login to Cloud Server ( via web and click add server.

    And as the article asked, the Cloud Server and Enterprise Desktop both have the same username administrator.

    So what went wrong??





    After digging deeper, looks like I missed executing a CMD:

    NoMachine administrator is a valid account on the Cloud Server (CS) host having special rights for NoMachine. Being a NoMachine administrator doesn’t affect system privileges of that user. To assign such NoMachine privileges to a system user, execute on the CS host:
    nxserver --useredit USERNAME --administrator yes

    After executing this command, now adding a new server works.


    Hi bleedingcode,

    Thank you for letting us know,  we are glad you’ve found the solution!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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