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    Dear developers. I use Manjaro (ArchLinux) operating system. I have recently become interested in your product. At the moment I am very satisfied, but there are annoying bugs in your application. Now telling about them, I hope that you will correct them)

    So. I’m using the Manjaro distribution, version manjaro-xfce-21.3.6. I installed your application from the AUR, the package is called nomachine-7.10.1-1. I want to connect to the server from the Windows 11 operating system. I installed your product, version 7.10.2, on this operating system. I configured the server using this documentation:


    Unfortunately, at the moment I have not been able to configure the server side of your application in such a way that I can connect to a virtual desktop (not to the physical one that is displayed on the monitor).

    When I started tweaking your program, I did it on a Manjaro system that I’ve had for over a year now. I thought that it was possible due to the fact that the system worked for such a relatively long time and I experimented with it in every possible way – I can’t get the application to work correctly. So I decided to start from scratch. I downloaded the distribution kit from here –


    Wrote down this distribution kit on the USB flash drive. Booted from a flash drive and started experimenting. But unfortunately the problems were not solved. Now I will write more about them.

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