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    I got a strange installation problem (caused by NX USB drivers) with NoMachine on Windows 7 with a blue screen and a big waste of time to repair and recover Windows. So please insert a check in the installation routine of NoMachine installer that the sha256 driver signatures (see are installed before continuing with the installation of NoMachine. Thanks a lot.


    We’d like to investigate this further, but to do that we need your assistance. Do you still have the BSOD kernel dump file?

    We tried to reproduce that issue on a couple of different machines (Win 7, without the security update), but unfortunately weren’t able to. On all machines we get warnings about driver signature and so drivers simply are not loaded. And if the driver is not loaded it can’t cause BSOD.

    We’d also need you to specify the exact hardware you use. Do you happen to have the ASMedia USB 3.0 hub driver or Sierra Wi-Fi driver installed there?

    To check this please check the existence of these two files:





    At the moment I can’t say exactly which hardware is used but I remember that the blue screen message shows that the nxusb driver caused the failure. There was also no chance to boot in secure mode or command prompt mode to remove the software or drivers. Only after repairing Windows and recovering the system state before the NoMachine installing works and finally Windows worked again. So at the moment I wrote myself a script that installs the Windows security updates before installing NoMachine.


    OK. If it happens again, try and get the information we asked for we so we can investigate thoroughly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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