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    When controlling a Mac with an iPad Pro with the folding keyboard, a few of the command shortcuts do not register (Command + Z, X, C, V do not work, hours Command + W, T, Return do).  Ctrl + Z, C, V work when controlling Windows (though ctrl enter do not).

    I had assumed that this was a limitation of being an iOS app, but checking just now, they work on other Remote Desktop apps (though Splashtop seems to actually manually undo typing by pressing delete repeatedly, odd…).

    NoMachine is by far the best performing Remote Desktop for OS  X, so I’d love it if these limitations could be lifted.

    While I’m here, I feel like allowing ` to be remapped to Escape would be incredibly useful, just a small suggestion if I may.



    Hi. We’re not aware of keyboard issues, we’ll run an investigation but it would be useful to know your keyboard model.
    As for the Escape mapping, we should do it optional because someone may need the original key and because some keyboards allow to send the Escape through a Function button. We’ll evaluate it, thank you for sharing the idea. 🙂


    We’ve confirmed the problem, it occurs on iOS 9+. More details here:

    Some shortcuts don’t work when using a wireless keyboard on iOS 9.x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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