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    I’m having trouble transferring large files (> 1 Gb) from a Linux machine running the Enterprise Server (5.1.62) to Windows machines (player 5.0.47). ┬áThe problem is the same as previously described ( and occurs when transferring either via the file transfer window or by connecting a hard disk to the machine.


    Hi EdWright

    We already have opened Trouble Report with that case and our developers are working on it.

    You can track everything here:


    The issue is not exactly the same, I have not had any issues with transferring files of ~ 500 Mb but when they get over 1 Gb, they appear to transfer but when the progress bar reaches 100%, it changes to paused and the file exists only with the .filepart extension and is locked until the computer is restarted.


    Can you update the player version and see whether you have the same issue? I ask because whereas we are aware of issues with files sometimes being corrupt during transfer, we aren’t able to reproduce your exact same problem..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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