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    I recently updated NX 4.2, which was working great, to NX 4.4.6, which is not usable. I am connecting from a Windows Client to a Linux Mint Debian host, the issues I get are:

    1) Font is not readible and overall picture quality is horrible (see screenshot attached). I have set display settings to 1:1 and also have checked/uncheck all other settings and switched to the MJPEG codec, this issue persists. I also have done a clean install without success.

    2) If I close the client the hosts screen turns black and does not respond anymore, I have to restart the computer.

    3) As reported by other user, it is impossible to activate the H264 codecs, I had it working with NX 4.2. I have followed the instructions from

    -On Host (Linux)

    a) Download the latest libx264 from the Nomachine Web site: and extract it.
    b) Run:
    ./configure –disable-cli –enable-shared –disable-avs –disable-swscale –disable-lavf –disable-ffms –disable-gpac –libdir=/usr/NX/lib
    sudo make install

    /usr/NX/lib/ was created and has the same permissions as other .so files.

    -On Client (Windows):

    Option 1: Install K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1095_Full
    Option 2: Download FFmpeg shared version from
    Copy avutil.dll and avcodec.dll to C:\Program Files (x86)\NoMachine\bin and rename them to libavutil.dll and libavcodec.dll

    4) In the logs I get error:

    WARNING! Cannot find kernel version in ‘3.11-2-amd64’.
    WARNING! Invalid field count 8.

    Please see full logs attached.

    For now I had to switch to VNC as I do not have the NX 4.2 installer and I haven´t found a link to download it.

    Thank you for any help!


    Hi thomasneh,

    1) Please send us a complete set of logs that you can gather by following the instructions in If you prefer, you can email them to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.
    Furthermore, we would like to see a screenshot of the Display settings tab, the one shown at paragraph 5.6 of this guide:

    2) Is it the local or the remote host to turn black? Logs of point above can be useful here too.

    3) We checked the ffmpeg package of the link in option 2. This pre-built avcodec has also a dependency to swresample-1.dll. So what you need to do is just copy swresample-1.dll to C:\Program Files (x86)\NoMachine\bin and it should work.
    You could also use the ffmpeg package we provide here:
    Instructions for compiling are here:

    4) That warning is not critical and it won’t prevent the software from working correctly. Anyway it will be fixed in the next update.



    just saw yesterday you answer, thank you! I got all the issues solved:

    1) Font is not readable and overall picture quality is horrible:

    this issue solved itself, I just opened NoMachine yesterday and it was working again. I did restart both machines several times the last time and the issue was reproducible so I suppose that it was a network issue.

    2) If I close the client, the Linux hosts screen turns black and does not respond anymore:

    I was able to reproduce this issue only once more the first time I closed the session, what happens is that the x-server gets overloaded and does not respond anymore for several minutes, all subsequent sessions could be closed without any issue. I have attached the logs but, since this did not happen again I do not want to waste your time.

    3) Impossible to activate the H264 codecs:

    copying as well swresample-1.dll did not work for me. I also tried installing “windows 7 codec pack” which does register the codecs on Windows (checked with <MSINFO32 command) but that did not work as well. Finally I just installed the AVC pack on the Windows client and that solved it.

    Thank you very much for your help! 🙂



    Let us know if the black screen happens again 🙂 We will start a new thread.

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