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    I have NoMachine installed on headless VPS Ubuntu 22.04 with xfce4 as desktop environment. When I connect to a server using NoMachine client, virtual desktop is created. After disconnecting the session and logging in after 20-30 minutes, I can connect to the same session, with all the apps running. However, when the break is longer and I disconnect the session for the whole night, then in the morning a completely new session is created.

    How can I set NoMachine server to keep the session going until I manually log out?

    Thank you in advance




    Default settings are to not terminate, kill or remove any session that a user initiates. Please check what you have for the following server keys.

    # Allow NX Server to terminate oldest disconnected sessions:
    # 1: Enabled. Enable the automatic kill of the disconnected
    # sessions.
    # 0: Disabled. Disconnected sessions are never terminated.
    # When this option is set and the maximum number of concurrent sessions
    # has been reached, the server will kill the oldest disconnected sessions to
    # make room for the new session.
    #EnableAutokillSessions 0

    and this:

    # Set for how long the server has to keep alive virtual desktops in
    # status disconnected. When the time is expired, the server will
    # terminate virtual desktops if no user are connected there.
    # 0: Virtual desktops in status disconnected are never terminated.
    # This is the default.
    # >0: Keep Disconnected session alive for this number
    # of seconds.
    #DisconnectedSessionExpiry 0

    If they are both set to zero, tell us what NoMachine product and version you are using.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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