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    I want to use key authentication in my server to avoid users and passwords, and apparently I got everything to work fine at least in the server part, but when I try to connect from a Windows client, it asks for an user and passphrase (the user config is the same as in the android client) it works fine in the Android client, but in the Windows client it never connects, with an error that just says that the authentication failed. I used the same private key (obviously), the ONLY thing that changes is the client, being one android and the other Windows. The server runs Linux.

    Linux (server) running 8.11.3

    Windows 10 (client) running 8.11.3

    Android (client) running 8.7.1

    All on free versions.

    Server on virtual display (why I have to add this if the problem is on client side?)

    (Check attachments for screenshots)


    Hi. Do I understand correctly that your key does not use a passphrase? Could you share the options you use to generate the key, please?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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