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    I have done some searching here but not exhaustive. Please point me to another thread if I missed it.

    Facts:  Std Windows 10 install, latest NoMachine version.  Running behind a Cradlepoint firewall with UPnP enabled.  Product works well.  Turn on “Blank the physical screen…” and turn on “Lock the physical screen…”.

    If we disconnect the remote session using the Windows ‘abort’ (red ‘X’ box) the system works as intended — The session stops and the host computer locks (resorts to the pre-login screen).

    If we gracefully sign out of Windows the host system locks on a black screen and will not come back out. The only solution so far is a hard power reset. But we are not there with the machine, so very painful.

    This is fully reproducible.



    Never mind. We seem to have solved this difficult little bug with an update of drivers on the Dell Win 10 host.


    Ok, thanks for letting us know!


    Spoke too soon.  Upon further testing, the system always disconnects correctly (locks and re-displays Windows pre-login screen) when using the red-X Windows abort button.  But this one Dell goes into an inaccessible state (requires hard power reset) if we use the graceful “Sign Out” button.  This is painful — traveling across town each time it happens.  More debugging suggestions?



    Are you sure that no one was connected at the moment when you see the blank screen? Blanking the screen will not turn off when somebody is connected to the desktop.

    If it’s not the case we need to check logs. On the server machine open Command Line as the administrator. Navigate to etc directory and edit node.cfg file (cd %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\NoMachine\etc\ and notepad.exe node.cfg). Find SessionLogClean key uncomment and set value to 0 (change#SessionLogClean 1 line to SessionLogClean 0).

    Reproduce the problem and zip %PROGRAMDATA%\NoMachine\var\log directory from server side. Send the compressed file to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.

    Please write here also what is the machine model of the server host.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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