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    I have NX server on Server 2012 and Windows 8 systems. They are not exposed to the internet.

    The client is running Linux Mint 16.

    The version is the most recent version on server and client.

    I connect via VPN into the network and am unable to gain access to the machines. The Windows 7 machine just spins at connection without asking for auth. If I connect to the machine I can see notifications that I am attempting to connect via NX. Each time the notification displays a new tray icon is generated. The 2012 server allows authentication but once it reached the login screen and further credentials were passed it locked up. Further connections fail and the response is Error is 5: Input/Output Error.

    Disabling UAC on the Windows 8 system resolved the issue.

    When I’m direct connected to the network I don’t have this problem.

    I also noticed this in the logs:

    nfo: Display running with pid 4070.
    Session: Starting session at Tue Jan 21 20:38:53 2014.
    4039 4071 20:38:53 026.128 ProxySession/ProxySession: ERROR! Session failure in stage ‘StageWaitingProxyVersion’.
    Error: Session negotiation failure.
    4039 4071 20:38:53 026.204 ProxySession/ProxySession: ERROR! We possibly provided a wrong version4039 4071 20:38:53 026.211 ProxySession/ProxySession: ERROR! or an invalid session authentication cookie.
    Error: Connection closed by the remote peer.
    Session: Session terminated at Tue Jan 21 20:38:53 2014.
    4039 4071 20:38:53 026.547 ClientTransResetCallback: WARNING! The NX transport terminated with error ‘5’ ‘Input/output error’.
    4039 4039 20:38:53 035.944 ClientTransport: Transport notified a reset before being usable, error is 5.

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    Please confirm that we correctly understand problems you are experiencing.

    Windows 8:

    Problem with hanging connection without even getting a auth dialog happens only when connected via VPN?

    When connected directly connection is authorized but session not displayed, disabling UAC fixes that and

    you can start session?

    Windows 2012:

    When connected via VPN can you see Windows Login Screen but after providing credentials it hangs?

    Next time you connect via VPN a session fails with ‘Error is 5: Input/Output Error’ ?

    Can you correctly start a session when connecting directly, without VPN?


    Can you tell us what kind of VPN are you using?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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