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    On both my Nano and Xavier NX, I’m connecting to my local wifi with a usb adapter, and my hardware VPN to my workplace on the ethernet. When not connected to ethernet and only my local wifi, upnp and remote connections work fine. But when I’m connected to both networks, the GW TCP/UDP under Server Ports goes empty and I’m no longer able to remote to it from the forwarded ports (included the forwarded port 4000). Attempting to connect with the VPN connected gives me the error “Connection was reset by peer”


    I understand that you have two devices, Nano and Xavier.
    Both are connected to the local network via WiFi.
    I don’t know if i
    t is important yet, but you have dual-port Jetson cards plugged in them. You have UPnP set up in NoMachine on both of them and you can connect to them from the outside using the ports provided. You have port 4000 forwarding (to one of these devices) set up on your router. You can connect to this device from outside by connecting to port 4000.

    When you want to connect to a VPN at work, do you connect an ethernet cable?
    Is it a different network than WiFi?
    If WiFi and Ethernet are different networks, what are the network addresses.
    Is the VPN client installed on Nano and Xavier?
    Is there a router connected to the ethernet network than to WiFi?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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