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    When I NoMachine into my older mac from my new mac (both running Ventura, NoMachine 8.6.1) it works fine as long the older mac lid is open.

    If the older macbook (server) lid is closed, I can still remote in but the screen keeps blackening out as if a screensaver were trying to start.

    Is there a way to disable that screen blackening out so that I can NoMachine into it while the laptop lid is shut?


    You say “older mac”. Can you tell us the model?

    “Blackening out” – do you mean that you see a blackscreen in the NoMachine session window when you connect from the new macbook model to the old mac?


    The older mac is a 2017 MBP with quad core i7, running Ventura.

    By “blackening out” I mean that it’s as if there was a black blank screen screensaver that keeps kicking in every few seconds, even when the mouse is not idle.   If I raise the laptop lid, it works perfectly without the screensaver effect.  (the actual screensaver is not a black screen)



    are you using any apps that might prevent screen from going to sleep mode like Amphetamine? Closed lid on macOS is one of the cases where we don’t expect the session to work if you don’t have any external monitor or dongle connected.

    That said we are working on a fix that will allow users with vanilla macOS to close their lids and still be able to connect.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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