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    I just wanted to share my experience updating to catalina. After the upgrade I was able to connect using NoMachine, but I couldn’t see any windows, click anything, or use the keyboard.

    To resolve this, go into preferences and Security & Privacy. I had to enable access for bash under Accessibility and Screen Recording. The server machine should prompt you that those requests are made, but it was hit or miss for me and I needed to restart NoMachine a couple times.


    Thanks for letting us know. We’ll check it in preparation for supporting the official version when Apple releases it.

    Here are some further notes about our policies for supporting pre-release or beta versions of supported operating systems:


    As an Apple developer we generally have several machines running the beta versions of macOS and iOS.

    I have also noticed this issue with catalina beta, i’ve had to go back to vnc on those machines…


    Providing details of the issues you have had will permit us to carry out investigations in preparation for supporting the final version when it is out of beta. You an submit these in separate topics on the forum or you can submit them via the website via the footer “Contact us” and select developer enquiries.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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