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    Hi everyone.

    I’m experiencing some “issues” when selecting nodes manually. Maybe it’s a problem of interpreting the documentation (or not?)


    root@NOMACHINETSXXX:~# nxserver –version

    NoMachine Enterprise Terminal Server Subscription – Version 6.3.6

    Installed in Ubuntu 16.04.4

    What I’m trying to achieve:

    That a user or group is able to select manually its node and rest of users (without group) go for load balancing.

    Why I’m trying that

    Page  17 of NoMachine manual  – 3.2 Configuring Load-Balancing and Manual Node Selection

    It’s Possible to configure NoMachine Enterprise Terminal Server to manage the following alaternative configurations:

    III Load-balancing of virtual desktops and manual node selection.

    What I’ve tried:

    Enabling node load balancing:

    root@NOMACHINETSXXX:~# nxserver –resourcelist –class feature

    NX> 104 Resource list:


    Class     Type                       Value

    ——— ————————– ——

    feature    manual-node-selection      yes

    feature    server-clipboard           yes

    feature    enable-profiles            yes

    feature    enable-guest               no

    feature    enable-multiserver         no

    feature    enable-multinode           yes

    feature    node-load-balancing        yes

    feature    client-clipboard           yes

    feature    bandwidth                  no

    Created a group, added a user and enabled it to a trusted virtual:

    (previously I’ve removed the trusted flag for all nodes and then only applied the flag for node 8)

    root@NOMACHINETSXXX1:~# nxserver –grouplist

    NX> 112 Group list:

    Groupname Priority Redirect Trusted physical for     Trusted virtual for      Users   Forward to

    ——— ——– ——– ———————— ———————— ——- ————


    Enabling that group for node selection

    nxserver –ruleadd –class feature –type node-load-balancing –value no –group LAPTOPS


    Whit my user:

    |—-What I Expect:

    Selecting the node and the session is created in the selected node.

    |—-What is actually happening:

    When I’m connecting with my user and authenticate (MYUSER in group LAPTOPS)  I’m able to select any node in the NX client screen, i.e when selecting node 8  the session is created in node 5 or any other..

    Other users:

    |—-What I Expect:

    When any user which isn’t part of the group LAPTOPS connects I would expect the load balancing picking a node and automatically creating the session there.

    |—-What is actually happening:

    Instead the user must select a node in the NX client configuration, the user selects node 5 i.e  and the user session is then created in a random node (i.e 7) just the same as the case above.


    In both cases the node selection isn’t being respected. Also when load balancing the node selection should not appear (right?)

    Any advices? Maybe I’m missing some configuration or trying to achieve something that the software isn’t allowed to do.




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    Node selection works properly, but the NX interfaces it’s confusing.

    I’m presented an Icon view where the information is:

    “Default node name, Node Id: 1”

    The Node Id isn’t the same as the Node Name.




    To achieve your goal  “That a user or group is able to select manually its node and rest of users (without group) go for load balancing.” please execute following commands:

    To clean previously added rules for group and system:

    sudo /etc/NX/nxserver --ruledel --group LAPTOPS
    sudo /etc/NX/nxserver --ruledel --system

    To add the correct rules:

    sudo /etc/NX/nxserver --ruleadd --class feature --type manual-node-selection --value no
    sudo /etc/NX/nxserver --ruleadd --class feature --type manual-node-selection --value yes --group LAPTOPS
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    String “Default node name” is use when label is empty, to change it use command:

    sudo /etc/NX/nxserver –nodeedit <nodename> –label “<some text>”

    Node Id can be ignored, it’s index on node list

    as I see you make user trusted to physical and virtual on some node, it’s not related with manual node selection, this configuration allow this user/group to access to desktop on node without desktop owner auth.



    Thanks for your help @fisherman amd @mlyn

    After applying the changes I was able to see the expected behavior. My user will be presented with the list of nodes on the client interface and other users outside the group LAPTOPS will be balanced automatically..

    Those labels are quite useful! I’m renaming everything.

    Thanks again!

    Best regards.





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