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    If I connect the Windows client to my macbook pro using NoMachine 4.6.4 I experience some strange mouse behavior. This somehow seems to be related to Xcode though. It sounds as this could be a variant of this topic but I’m not entirely sure.

    If in a storyboard file with the Interface Builder I’m not able to drag things around. If I try to drag a UIViewController to a new place it just doesn’t react. Controversely though, dragging around UI elements _within_ a UIViewController is no problem at all. So it doesn’t seem to be a general problem with drag and drop. Dragging a new UIViewController in from the palette also is no problem.

    Another thing is ctrl-dragging between UI elements. This doesn’t seem to work at all, not in the main area of the Interface Builder and not in the outline. Right-clicking an element and dragging from one of the plus signs in the popup (for example to create an outlet) works though.


    olik79, I can replicate this behavior in all details of your description. I’m going to open a Trouble Report about that.


    Thank you very much!


    Please use this link to monitor the bug and its fix

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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