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    Local client is NoMachine 4.6.4 on OS X

    Remote host is Ubuntu 14 on AWS (NoMachine 4.6.4)

    I made the local window full-screen, (side note that the remote host does not increase its screen size) but now mouse clicks do not go to the remote host at all.  Also there is no way to bring up the local NoMachine display menu, so I am completely stuck and my session is useless.  (Why are there so few options in the NoMachine menu bar?)

    Also how do I bring up the Menu Panel on OS X?  Your documentation says “Ctrl+Alt+O” but there is no Alt key on Mac and is that capital O or zero?



    I cannot reproduce the mouse problem. Could you tell me more? Are you using Xfvb as X server? Which is the desktop environment in use?

    About the NoMachine menu shortcut: I know there is an “alt” key on Mac keyboards, it is also called “option” key. The “0” in “Ctrl+Alt+0” stands for “zero”.

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    There is also a page-peel in the top right hand corner as an alternative to access the menu. Did you try this? Please also explain what you mean with “so few options in the NoMachine menu bar”. Attach a screenshot if possible of what you are seeing.

    An FYI, I have updated the guide to show clearly that it is a zero rather the letter O.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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