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    Hello ,
    Could please tell me how can I share multi-user to connect with NoMachine?
    I have 3 user account on Windows 2008 Server to connect with NoMachine at same time is not allowed me to do and every time ask to approve or deny the person who want to connect please helo me on this

    thank you


    First let’s clarify that NoMachine for Windows doesn’t support terminal server on Windows, so it’s not possible for multiple users to each connect to their own account at the same time. NoMachine free version supports one connection at a time to the remote desktop. Enterprise Desktop, on the other hand, allows unlimited connections and when multiple users connect at the same time, they are sharing the same desktop.

    In both cases, if there is no local user (the person sitting in front of the desktop you are connecting to), then you will need to check the box “Require permission to let remote users interact with the desktop” in Security preferences of the server GUI (on the host you want to connect to). This is disabled by default. Checking the box means that users will connect in view only mode. Interaction can be enabled at a later time by the owner.

    See the quick guide here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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