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    I know this has been asked many times though I haven’t seen a thread on it in over a year so I’m hoping something has changed, or at least to reboot it’s discussion.

    I have multiple monitors on both my local and remote machines. The issue is each of the monitors on each of the boxes are different resolutions and aspect rations. Local has 2, 2k and 1, 1k while remote has a 4, and 1k, and a 1280×1024!

    Individually these work great with NoMachine however they don’t work well in any of the built in multi-monitor options that I have found.

    Working with other programs the only solution seems to be to create 3 windows each could have it’s own sizing. Currently I am doing this by using multiple tools NoMachine working the best of them individually.

    Is this something NoMachine has thought about, am I missing an option?
    Is there a way to have 3 connections over 3 different ports maybe?


    Hello, I think you would find this feature interesting:

    There’s a ‘notify me’ service which you can use by inserting your email address. You’ll receive an email from us when it gets implemented 🙂


    Hi…you can try disabling separate Spaces for displays. In order to avoid to scroll the window, you can enable the “Resize remote screen” option in the Display bar to tell the remote desktop to use the size of the window.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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