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    is it possible to connect (fullscreen or window mode) to two remote desktops using TWO out of THREE local desktops without stretching the image across all three local desktops?

    I would like to stretch the image of the two remote desktop onto two of my local desktops.

    Is this possible with the Workstation version?


    In the current version of NoMachine Terminal Server products, treating multi-monitors on the client as separate monitors in NoMachine sessions is possible with any of the products from the Terminal Server for Linux range. (It is a feature which is not supported in the free version of NoMachine). Doing so lets you maximize the session window, for example, in one monitor only instead of going full-screen across all the client-side monitors available.

    To enable it:
    – Open the NoMachine menu panel inside the session (ctrl+alt+0 or click on the page peel in the upper right corner of the window)
    – Click on ‘Display’
    – Click on ‘Resize remote display’ then on ‘Fullscreen on all monitors’

    For a later version, we are going to implement the possibility to have multi-monitors on the server side which can be managed as separate windows on multi-monitors client side. In each of these separate windows users will be able to apply all the usual settings, like applying a different scaling factor, resizing the window to any size, sending the window to fullscreen and placing the window in any desired location. This will apply to connections to physical desktop and virtual desktops/custom sessions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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