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    I want to remotely connect to a Raspberry Pi2 using NoMachine Software. I want to connect to the Pi using a windows PC. I have successfully installed the SW on both machines and can access the Pi from the PC, but in order to do this, I have to start the Pi, startx, then launch the NX software from the GUI. This defeats the purpose in that the reason I want to remote in to the Pi is to remove the need to connect a keyboard and monitor.

    I tried a few commands from the terminal (including nxserver –start nxd), but no luck. Can’t seem to find any useful documentation regarding how to launch the server manually or how to get it to start at boot.

    There may also be an issue with logging in to the pi remotely, but I know I used NX Client to log into an Ubuntu machine from Windows before, so I was hoping I could make this work. Any help or direction to existing documentation (I did look) would be appreciated.





    Hello TIA

    to get to the source of the problem we need to ask you if the operating system you are using on your Raspberry is Raspbian?

    We can only guess at the moment that the answer is yes, and if so, you can use raspi-config script to allow Raspbian automatically enter GUI at startup. Just enter

    sudo raspi-config

    at the terminal to call this script. Option 3 wil allow you to set the result of booting up.

    NX server should startup automatically with the GUI. Please let us know if that solves your problem.


    Thanks for the info. Yes, sorry I did not mention, but I am using Raspbian.

    Finally had a chance to try it. Did not work until I launched the server app from the gui and changed the ‘allow connections’ settings. Once I did that and rebooted, I can connect now. Thanks!

    Now my issue is that the Pi defaults to a very low resolution if no monitor is connected and I cannot change it remotely using the NX Client app or by using the preferences from the Raspbian GUI while remote. There must be a way to make the thing boot up with fixed resolution. I am used to using xorg.conf, but don’t think Rasbian uses that.

    Oh and this is Stan. TIA means Thanks in Advance.


    Hello Stan

    Sorry, my bad 🙂

    Headless Raspbian is in fact defaulting to some low resolution.

    Although the solution may be found in this topic

    for me it was enough to uncomment


    in /boot/config.txt file.

    Since I use



    with forcing hotplug headless Raspbian started at resolution 1280×960.

    Let us know if that works for you 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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