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    Sorry guys but we held a meeting and the results are that there are too many fixes to better test and too much regression testing to do to risk a version worth the 4.1 name. And since all people were busy with this 4.1, there is no time any more to backport the changes to a new 4.0 before Christmas. We’ll keep working during the holidays to deliver what we promised as early as possible. To slightly alleviate your pains we have built a early preview of the player for Android tablets running 3.0 Honeycomb or later. This doesn’t use yet the new interface we designed for phones, but implements some gestures aimed at making the navigation around the desktop, using the menus and accessing mouse button emulation and on-screen keyboard easier.

    The link should show up in the next few hours here:

    As there is a bit more time we also decided to take a deeper look at the connection configuration dialogs. We want to give a strong answer to the complaints of some old-time users that find the new connection configuration more complicated than it was in the 3. It’s hard to keep the configuration simple when there are so many more options to present, but it is also undeniable that the connection dialogs have grown a bit disorganized as more features were added to the software (smart-card authentication, system SSH authentication vs. NoMachine 3-style authentication, HTTP proxy support, and now, key-based authentication using the NX protocol). We are evaluating a few options to make the configuration easier. We also decided to revive a new “connection wizard” to integrate in the GUI, similar to the one we had in the 3. This is what most users of the 3 were accustomed to and what they seem to miss more. As usual, if you have any idea or suggestion on how to improve the configuration, don’t hesitate to let us know by writing to the support or in this forum.

    Ad maiora semper.

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