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    Hello, I have an opensuse Tumbleweed KDE Plasma 6 (x11) client that is not emitting audio. It worked in the past but at some point stopped. I’ve tested this with two different servers and the audio works between each other but not on the Linux client. For instance I have 2 other machines, one is an m1 mac and with other is windows 10 machine. I can’t hear audio on the Linux client from either of them, however I can hear audio when I log on to the win 10 machine from the m1 mac machine and vice versa. On the Linux client when Look at the audio settings and select “change settings” the enable streaming box is checked but the drop down box has “None” as the only option. I am running free version 8.11.3 on all devices.



    It seems that our software doesn’t recognize your audio devices. Can you show your sound settings? By default NoMachine client should play sound through your default device.

    You can check the logs for warning and errors. The client connection logs will be on your client machine under .nx/R-<display>-<session-id>/session. In the meantime our testers will try to reproduce your issue.




    I don’t know if this is the settings you were asking for. Everything else on this system that has audio works with these settings. I checked the logs and didn’t see anything that appeared to me to pertain to multimedia and/or audio streaming.



    Please submit logs from both sides (player side and server side) and also the nomachine configuration files (both sides, player.cfg and server.cfg). You can send everything to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.

    For the Player side logs, be sure that the client has been launched with the ‘Don’t delete log files on exit’ option enabled in Settings -> Player -> Security. On the server, nxserver --debug --enable all from a terminal enables the debug logs. Start your session, reproduce the problem and then extract the logs. Instructions are available here:


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