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    First and foremost, just wanted to say appreciate the excellent work NoMachine has done with this remote connection software. Really beats TeamViewer, back2mac, x2go, and VNC. Very buttery smooth.

    I am on the latest version of NoMachine for MacOS Mojave on a late 2013 MacBook Pro Retina 13”

    I primarily use iPad/iPhone to remotely connect (over the internet/non-local) to the MacBook Pro 13”. MacOS firewall is OFF. Physical router’s port forwarding for 4000-4020 is open for the MacBook Pro, and external port for TCP/UDP is set at 4011. UPNP is on as well. Local port: 4000 is open on MBP. I am using the NX protocol (no SSH).

    I have 4 issues however:

    1) Audio streaming to iPad client streams does NOT work through Bluetooth headphones that are connected. It only works with the iPad speakers or wired headphones. Bluetooth headphones are definitely connected to the iPad because I can play local music just fine/they don’t disconnect while using NoMachine. It’s only that audio is not outputted via bluetooth.

    2) Every few minutes the MacBook Pro will seem to lock. Not sure if that’s due to intermittent disconnecting/reconnecting on the client, or if screensaver/lock set at 1-5mish is causing that.

    3) On reboot, the MacBook server will not start the external port which I set at 5901 (local port is 4000). It seems to be off, and I have to manually configure it/sometimes reboot the NX server for it to get working.

    4) I can seemingly only connect to the MacBook Pro via UPNP which is turned on the physical router. If I set the external port to 4011, it will not show up as a usable server IP address to connect to. Only the UPNP port (2040X) will work with the ip. Trying to connect to ip via the port of 4011 (which is open on router for this device) doesn’t connect. My main concern for this is if UPNP doesn’t work/port changes, as I believe a static UDP/TCP port of 4011 would be reliable.

    Other than that, NoMachine’s NX protocol is fantastic!

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    Edit: Issues 3) + 4) have been fixed. I set external port to 4000 per manual and now it connects.

    Issue 1) + 2) are still an issue however.


    Edit: I meant to say only issue 4) is resolved. On 3), on reboot, port 4000 (externally set) won’t load up when server starts. I originally used port 5901 for external, but changed it to port 4000, but I have to manually turn it on on reboot despite “automatic startup” being selected. So issues 1) + 2) + 3) are still occurring.

    1. The problem is a known issue. You may register to the ‘Notify me when the TR is closed’ using the check box in the Trouble Report page:
    2. The problem here could be that when iPad enters sleep mode, it is detected as disconnected on the server-side and the automatic screen lock feature ( ) locks the screen. If you do not want your screen to be locked you can deactivate that feature
      by following the instructions in
    3. Can you verify if you are not trying to export the same port on the router for two devices at the same time. If not, please can you provide us with logs? They might help to understand what’s happening. You can extract them using the instructions here .
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