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    Hi all

    I am using NoMachine 8.10.1 to connect to a remote Mac from a Mac laptop running 10.13.4. Normally I use a different laptop and everything works fine. On this laptop, there is no connection at all, and the wheel keeps spinning.   I can ping the remote IP. In .nx the nxserver.log file is empty (although I ticked the “Don’t delete the log files on exit”). Looking around, I find that there is no folder NoMachine inside /Library/Application Support. I removed and reinstalled NoMachine several times, no luck. I’ve chmod the permissions of Application Support to 755, following some advice found here. Still no luck, the wheel spins forever and I do not get any error message. Any suggestion?



    Hello Luca,

    we would need some additional information, could you please send to us part of system installation log?

    The path to the file is:


    You can send us the whole file or just the part related to NoMachine.
    The NoMachine part starts from line:

    Installer[63841]: NoMachine  Installation Log

    and ends:

    Installer[63841]: PackageKit: Registered bundle file:///Applications/ for uid 501
    installd[2151]: PackageKit: Removing client PKInstallDaemonClient pid=63841, uid=501 (/System/Library/CoreServices/
    Installer[63841]: Running install actions
    Installer[63841]: Removing temporary directory “/var/folders/t1/tsyt3p3n26535k7zkprz_6cc0000gn/T//Install.63841aOvI28”
    Installer[63841]: Finalize disk “Macintosh HD”
    Installer[63841]: Notifying system of updated components
    Installer[63841]: **** Summary Information ****
    Installer[63841]:   Operation      Elapsed time
    Installer[63841]: —————————–
    Installer[63841]:        disk      0.01 seconds
    Installer[63841]:      script      0.00 seconds
    Installer[63841]:        zero      0.00 seconds
    Installer[63841]:     install      27.20 seconds
    Installer[63841]:     -total-      27.21 seconds
    Installer[63841]: IFDInstallController BC600 state = 5
    Installer[63841]: Displaying ‘Install Succeeded’ UI.

    Alternatively during installation you can call log window by clicking Command + L (⌘L). In the installer log window choose:

    Show All Logs‘ and after that ‘Save‘.

    Please send the file with installation logs to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.


    Thanks. I just sent the log (although it’s called nxinstall.log, not install.log, and is in /Library/Application Support/NoMachine/var/log rather than in /var/log). In the meantime, I found the missing folder (sorry, I was looking in the wrong subfolder, my bad), but I still can’t connect, with no error message. The nxserver.log is full of lines like this:

    \103 15619 2023-12-27 15:07:04 882.848 NetworkChange: WARNING! Interface name is not available.






    In your first post you reported lack of:

    /Library/Application Support/NoMachine

    In the directory there are NoMachine installation logs. Because of missing
    log dir I asked you about system installation logs:


    Now you confirmed that you have /Library/Application Support/NoMachine
    and you sent NoMachine nxinstall.log. In the log file I couldn’t find reason
    of your problems. Please send another pack of logs as it’s described in:

    A possible solution can be approving NoMachine mandatory security permissions:
    – Screen Recording,
    – Accessibility.

    A related article:

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