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    I’ve installed NoMachine 8.11.3 (free version) on Linux Mint 21.3. The system has a GT 730 GPU. When I connect to the system the connection uses HW encoding:

    But after I suspend and wake the system the connection is now downgraded to SW encoding. This is only fixed with rebooting the system.

    Any idea how I can debug that?

    I’ve installed the nvidia-driver-470 470.239.06-ubuntu0.22.04.1, which are the latest available on Mint.

    And I had to add an “exit” 0 at the top of the /usr/bin/ file, otherwise the system would immediately wake up again and NoMachine wouldn’t work at all until I rebooted.


    I have the same problem with an GTX 970 and 535 drivers.


    I’ve collected some debug log from NoMachine and saw this after resume:

    NvInitCuda: ERROR! Failed to initialize CUDA device.
    NvInitCuda: ERROR! Error is: ‘3e7’.

    Unfortunately, this seems to be pretty normal with Nvidia…


    Hi Sven, thanks for coming back with your findings and the link. This is indeed a bug with the nvidia drivers and not something that we can fix in the NoMachine software.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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