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    I try to login from a Windows 7 client to a Ubuntu Gnome 13.10 host (console) without a keyboard/mouse/monitor attached. The connection succeeds but I only get a blank grey screen without login possibility. The Nomachine version on the server is the newest one available. The server itself is alive and healthy which I can confirm through SSH login.


    Yes, exactly the same for me. This system used to work fine with freenx server over ssh.


    I’ve tried all the recommended settings for ~/.vnc/xstartup on various sites, but I’ve had no joy. Help!


    @carsten.heidmann did you follow the instructions here?

    Or is it a normal installation running Ubuntu dekstop (LightDM/Unity)?

    @simonquerrero  NX Free Edition was a terminal server and supported SSH.

    If you want those functionalities, you need the Workstation for Linux.


    Hi Рthis is a normal installation running Ubuntu GNOME flavor with gdm as display manager. It ist not a headless system РI only try to run it without a monitor attached. I just reinstalled everything and right now I am experiencing the behaviour, that I get a login screen with Nomachine from remote when I leave the monitor attached. Running the machine without monitor I do not get a login screen from remote. It seems that this may be a problem with the graphics configuration  being unable to run without an attached monitor Рbut maybe you have suggestions on this?


    Yes, it looks like the graphics card stops working when detaching the monitor.

    You can take a look at this article for a way to workaround this problem.


    OK – my problem is solved. This had nothing to do with NoMachine NX. The graphics card in the machine just stops working when no monitor is attached, which can be ok for a desktop computer (although I find it difficult to think of a reasonable scenario where one would deattach the monitor for a longer time in a desktop environment…). I used this solution to build a dummy monitor plug with 3x 68 Ohm resitors and I have the X-Environment up and runnning!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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