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    I’m having a really annoying issue with NoMachine not receiving mouse or keyboard inputs after connecting to my computer from my phone. If I try to change cursor input modes nothing happens, if I try to type with my keyboard nothing happens, it’s not receiving any inputs at all when connected. If the computer has been in sleep mode and woken up to remote connection and I’m shown the login screen, no input will be received when used, along with the popup balloon saying I’ve connected from device at xx.xx.xx.xx .

    One major oddities to point out is that keyboard and mouse input will only function after moving my mouse at my computer and/or typing something on the keyboard before it decides to receive input at all from my phone. It’s a very unusual bug that I can’t figure out why this keep happening. I should be able to always use mouse and keyboard instantly after connecting. And it’s not the result of a slow or unstable connection either, otherwise it would be disconnecting from the server. I’ve done repetitive tests to see if it’s consistent between disconnects and reconnects and I can 100% confirm that it’s reproducible every time. If I connect once, and try to use mouse or keyboard events to be sent to the computer, it will always never send inputs to the computer from the phone app, and will only do so after doing input on the computer itself physically.

    I have restarted the NoMachine server to which makes no difference at all, because like I said it’s always reproducible anytime I use it. Nothing shows in the logfile on the server end because all it shows is I’ve connected and just thinks I’m idling on the screen. This in Android app issue itself not communicating with the server properly and sending inputs to the computer.

    I am using Manjaro Linux running 5.15.72-1-MANJARO kernel. My phone is an LG V20 running Android 7.0.


    What kind of mouse and keyboard are you using with your Android client device? Is it bluetooth?

    What about if you use just the screen of your device to input in to the remote desktop window? Do you still get the same behaviour?

    Are you able to try a connection from a regular PC NoMachine client in place of your Android device?

    What’s the desktop environment on your Manjaro Linux server?

    What version of NoMachine is installed there? The latest 8.1.2?



    I’m just using touch screen and keyboard on my Android device for mouse and keyboard input to the remote PC. Android client is just not sending inputs to the remote machine that the server instance is running on.

    My Desktop is running Cinnamon with LightDM, and both are running latest versions of software.


    I’m just using touch screen and keyboard on my Android device for mouse and keyboard input to the remote PC.

    Thanks for the clarification.

    We aren’t aware of issues with inputting from Android clients. Are you able to connect from another computer in place of your Android device and encounter the same problem?  This would indicate it’s not an issue on the Android side.

    You can use Xev to debug keyboard and mouse events on Linux. See this article for how to get the output. This will show if events are being received.

    Logs would be useful in any case. For server side logs: (or enable log level in Server status -> Server logs 7- Verbose), then from a prompt run sudo /etc/NX/server --debug --collect. Send everything to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com making sure to use the title of the topic as the subject of your email. Thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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