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    I’ve been trying to use NoMachine for Linux (running Ubuntu 20) to connect to a Xubuntu 20.4 system over the internet but it’s public IP is not showing up, but I’m able to connect to it through it’s local ip when I put both computers on the same local network. UPnP is enable in the router and enable in server.cfg. This is the router model, if it can be of any help: [link removed, videotron] EMG2926-Q10A.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.


    Have you checked this article?

    How to connect to NoMachine when the server is behind a NAT router or a firewall

    You posted a link to a PDF which was removed, but googling I see that it has a section on how to enable port-forwarding. Please follow the instructions for doing that as well.


    Yes. I read this article and since the UPnP option in the router is enabled I thought that it was equal to the router accepting UPnP commands… Isn’t it the case?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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