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    Hello! I use NoMachine to control my Mac server and connect and debug my iPad. Recently, I updated Mac (MacMini M2 Rosetta, hosted on Scaleway) to MacOS 14. After that, I didn’t see any USB devices shown in my Windows client, therefore I cannot connect my iPad to the server. Before the update everything worked as fine.

    Both Mac (Server) and Windows (Client) have version 8.11.3 (both free version)

    So, what may be the issue and how I can fix it? Or maybe it is some kind of bug?

    Thank you!


    Hi, we are not able to reproduce the problem connecting to macOS 14 in our lab. Check that USB sharing is still enabled on the server side.  On the Mac server side, check the node.cfg file:

    Disabling USB Forwarding
    To forbid USB device sharing it is necessary to uncomment and set a proper value for the EnableUSBSharing key in the node configuration file:
    client USB devices on the client can be forwarded to server side and made available within the session.
    server USB devices on the server can be connected to the end-user’s machine.
    both Client and server USB devices can be connected to remote and local sides respectively.
    none Neither client or server USB devices can be connected.

    More about this is here:

    Are you responsible for the NoMachine server or was the instance created for you by the provider? It sounds more like an issue with Scaleway.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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